As word is spreading about our exclusive, can't find these anywhere else, unique product offerings, we are making new friends in the wedding and event planning industry.  See what our new partners on the West Coast have to say about our products, service, and value: 

If you haven't considered us before, think about all the possibilities our frames and albums can do for your event.  There are multiple options of how the frames can double as Save The Date magnets where your guests can then use them to hold a photo booth strip from your wedding.  Or use the acrylic L or T frame as a table thank you note to your guests or table assignment cards - which then can be used for displaying the photo booth strip images.

And for you DIY brides and party host/hostesses - how about a dry mount leather album to store all your strips or other sized pictures from the party/wedding ?  With all the supplies you need in one store (albums, adhesives and metallic gel pens) we have everything you need to make your own memory book.

Possibilities are endless. 

Kudos to Rhonda and the staff at Weddings of San Diego for selecting us to represent as their Vendor of the Month for July.  We look forward to working with them for many months to come.  If you are in So Cal area and need some ideas or planning services,  give them a call.  Or chat them up on their website - there seems to be someone always online and available to chat - I have actually tested this a few times and its true.

Weddings of San Diego 


Gary and Kay McGee

We are scoring brownie points with alot of wedding vendors, especially event and wedding planners.  Their job is to find what their clients want in decor, entertainment, etc.  And sometimes, their wish list can be somewhere in the clouds. 

Afterall, it is their wedding and why can't they have pink flamingo's to greet their guests, or penguins or some other exotic ideas?  Well here at 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop, we partner with wedding planners and event coordinators all over the country and help them find some unique product offerings of our own. 

Here what Liz and Lex Events, a Fort Lauderdale wedding planning sister team of Chanda and Amber had to say about our products, service and unique offerings in their blog. See 5/27 entry. 

We know first hand how creative and especially dedicated to their client's wishes Amber and Chanda are since they were our wedding planners.  So, if you are needing a down to earth, thorough wedding planning team - look no further than Liz and Lex Events and tell them we referred you.



Kay and Gary

So, you checked your budget and decided you want to entertain your guests with a photo booth, so now what? There are so many booth rental companies out there so we want to give you some advice in selecting your booth.

1. Different Types of Booths - There are 2 types of booths.  There is an enclosed booth (think booths from the past, or like the ones you may find in a mall, only much more advanced and larger).  Some will fit only 2-4 people, while others allow for a larger group to be photographed.  Then there is an open booth which should have some form of back drop with the camera on a stand.  No box or closed in environment.  This allows for a much larger group to take pictures together.

2.  Size of Photo Images - Some companies offer many different sizes and will help you with a custom logo or image at the top or bottom of the picture.  You may be able to choose between the more famous 2x6 photo strips or a larger 4x6 photo

3.  Color or Black & White - Most vendor booths give the control to the one in the booth as they select a color or black and white session.  Some may even offer the guest to leave a video message to the guest of honor as a great memory to watch later. 

4.  Prop Kit Items - Most Photo Booth vendors will provide some prop kits with their photo booth rental.  This may consist of signs for guests to hold, large sun glasses, hats, wigs, costumes, moustaches and lips on sticks, etc.   All of these may seem ridiculous but your guests will enjoy having some fun for a change. Even the stick in the mud in your family will be up there enjoying the booth and you may see a side you haven't seen before.

5.  Memory Book or Photo Album for Picture Strips - Most Photo Booth vendors will offer a memory book but not all are created equal.  Some may charge for this option while others may throw it in their package price.  Ask to view it before committing to the contract.  Don't forget, if you don't like the album your vendor is using, we provide a line of quality dry mount albums ideal for your photograph or photo booth strips safe keeping.

These are just some of the items that you should ask your booth vendor about.  What options do they include as part of the rental package and what options are extra? Always check references on the Wedding Wire, The Knot, or some other source of referrals.  Price is not the only deciding factor as you get what you pay for.  A less expensive booth rental via some coupon source may not be the best option available. Prices vary by market and some booths may be bundled together with other wedding services such as DJ entertainment and lighting, or photography and videography services. 

A photo booth rental is a great idea for entertaining your guests and can double as a favor idea as well.  To compliment the booth rental, 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop provide fabulous photo favors such as designer frames for those images and quality leather dry mount albums.  View our shop to see some of our products.  


02/22/14 - 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop has officially launched its online presence

We hope to fulfill a mission of helping brides/grooms, parents, and whomever that may be planning that special event.  We are offering designer frames, luxurious leather albums with archival paper and more to come.  These items are perfect wedding/party favors, or corporate giveaways for parties, marketing campaigns, or nonprofit fundraisers.  If you are renting a photo booth for your event, these products are great additions and we have several items to fit any budget.

1 Stop is not just our name, but will be our ongoing goal.  If there is something you want or need, please let us know and we will look into carrying it for you.  If its important to you and your business, its important to us as well.  

Let US be YOUR 1 Stop for all your photobooth needs. 

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kay and Gary

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