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Here is an idea that I got from a couple of booth owners that perhaps not everybody has considered.  Businesses are always having grand opening celebrations where they hand out a variety of free samples, or offer up services and hand out flyers. 

Not sure about you but when I get a flyer, its typically trashed within 24 hrs if not sooner.  Now granted, flyers are a very inexpensive manner to advertise a business and the response rate is quite low - so all in all businesses are trying to drive in business that comes back again for repeat business. 

Now add a photo booth to the mix.  This would most likely be a quick 2-3 hr gig and you can offer up a traditional booth, open air booth, or greeen screen option.  Make sure the client/new

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We try and keep up with the news on photo booth happenings, trends, and news.  Most of the time it's good but sometimes it can be some bad news. Like a story I read about a bride who prepaid for their photobooth using one of the many e-coupon deals on the internet but was left at the wedding

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Planning a wedding is no easy feat and choosing your entertainment can be overwhelming.  If you are thinking about offering a photo booth as an entertainment element for your guests - 1st an excellent choice, 2nd do you know what to ask a booth owner when interviewing

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When is your "down time"? 

Well, if you are like the average photo booth operator, your key business comes with weddings which can be seasonal and typically take place on the weekends.  So what are you doing during the week or week nights besides following up on

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