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When was the last time you attended a wedding where the bride and groom left a camera or two on each table to shoot what ever comes to mind during the wedding, reception, etc ? Probably back in the 90's right?  Well for me, happened just last week and it got me to thinking about it.  After having a photo booth at our wedding, which is better or worse?  So here are the pros and cons of such favors in comparison to having a photobooth at your wedding reception.

Ok, yes, the disposable camera option may seem like a much more affordable option at first glance.  But look further into the objections and you may have a different opinion.  After all, if more than 1/2 your shots are worthless, what's the point of putting these out for your guests?

Giving your guests free reign to shoot what they want

If you have teenagers or kids at a wedding and these are floating around - the pictures will not be that great.  We have all seen the out of focus/blurry pictures taken at weddings with these disposable cameras.  Or how about the under the table shot - very classy pictures for sure.  Or what about those that get a little too tipsy and start looking like mug shots at the local jail - not what you want to remember I am sure.

However, photo booth pictures are typically of high quality, colorful vibrant images - and if the shot comes out bad, the booth operators are usually glad to reshoot the sitting.   If you have unlimited pictures, then most people will probably be in and out of the booth with different costumes or different people through out the night.  Photo Booth pictures are whimsical, fun, comical, sexy at times, but all in all everybody is having a good time.

Ease of Sharing

So, some of your family and friends want a copy of some of the pictures.  First, you have to get the cameras film developed, have copies made at the local film shop or drug store and drop them in the mail.  Whereas, most photo booth operators give you a CDROM or zip drive of all the images, video, etc they took for the night.  So, you get all the pictures from the whole night (probably in the range of 100-300 pictures minimum).  All in focus, vibrant colors or black and white - and quality shots.

Then sharing is as easy as uploading a picture from the zip drive or CD into your email and sending to whomever wherever instantly. 

So photo booths are the much better option - no where close to disposable cameras.  Give it some thought, with photo booths, you can provide your guests hours of fun at your next event, and can even throw in some frame favors so they can display their fun memories at home or work.  We have frame options from under $1 to as much as $10.99 depending on your budget.

Price Comparison of a Photo Booth vs. Disposable Cameras

So, which is the better way to spend your money?  Disposable cameras are less expensive to put out but the quality or the type of pictures you will get back is anybody's guess.  The added expense of making copies and developing the film add to the overall cost of disposable cameras.  But a photo booth is a totally different animal. Photo Booths are fun and involve everybody at the wedding. Even the ones you least expect to get dressed up in wigs and big glasses and hold a sign saying "I'm here for the Open Bar" will be there in that booth.  The pictures are clear, quality shots ready to share via email or other avenue.  Disposable cameras run about $3.50 per and with 150 guests you are running $525 or so.  A photo booth rental will run approximately $800-1200 depending on the duration, the additional options, etc.

Ulimately the choice is up to you but offering a photo booth is a much better received wedding favor that sets the mood and tone of the reception to something more fun and whimsical.





grand opening sign


Here is an idea that I got from a couple of booth owners that perhaps not everybody has considered.  Businesses are always having grand opening celebrations where they hand out a variety of free samples, or offer up services and hand out flyers. 

Not sure about you but when I get a flyer, its typically trashed within 24 hrs if not sooner.  Now granted, flyers are a very inexpensive manner to advertise a business and the response rate is quite low - so all in all businesses are trying to drive in business that comes back again for repeat business. 

Now add a photo booth to the mix.  This would most likely be a quick 2-3 hr gig and you can offer up a traditional booth, open air booth, or greeen screen option.  Make sure the client/new business has their logo and/or slogan at the bottom of the image.  Who doesn't want their picture taken? 

Add one more key ingredient, some type of frame would do nicely.  Imagine how often a person would see that company name and logo if they had a family picture in a magnet on their refrigerator.  Most likely that magnet will be hanging there for months, if not years after that grand opening celebration - much longer than a flyer would. 

So, here's the pitch and you will have some researching to do.  Find out what new businesses are opening in your area.  Check the Chamber of Commerce, or newspaper for new businesses, or drive around and see signs indicating grand openings.  Approach the business owner as having a solution that would provide a long lasting impression on their grand opening guests - more so than any flyers or paper literature.  Quote them a price but don't forget to package with the magnetic 2x6 or 2x8 photo strip frames.  Explain to them or paint the picture as I did above of how those flyers end up in the trash within 24 hrs but a magnet will be on a person's refrigerator for a much longer time frame giving their company more exposure in a person's home.

May take some additional work on your part but there are so many new businesses opening and especially if its combined with some jazz in the park day or some other foot traffic driving event.  If packaged right, the company will see this as a worthwhile marketing endeavor with long lasting results.  And word will get out about your service and you can add some more gigs to your booth operations during some slower times. 

Remember, we have acrylic L, T, and magnetic strips ideal for this marketing approach. 

Hope that helps you find some new bookings that you hadn't considered before.  We are here to help with articles that discuss marketing, promotions, tips and leads that you may not be aware of.  So please return to our blog page to see what new and fascinating articles we come up with to help you booth owners and give advice to the consumers as well.






We try and keep up with the news on photo booth happenings, trends, and news.  Most of the time it's good but sometimes it can be some bad news. Like a story I read about a bride who prepaid for their photobooth using one of the many e-coupon deals on the internet but was left at the wedding with no vendor in sight.

So, with that in mind I wanted to list a few warning signs that you may have trouble or an unscrupulous vendor on your hands:

1.  No contract offered 

RUN as quickly as you can.  If you have agreed to terms, pricing, dates, etc. then why don't you have a contract?  Make sure you ask for one before you make any sort of payments to reserve or hold the date.

2.  Smack-talking the competition

Most booth owners understand you have plenty of options to choose who to hire for your event but smack talking should not be tolerated and is a warning sign.  In some of the networking groups I correspond with online for Photo Booth owners all over the country, the different photo booths will assist from a far via discussions, private messages, and if close enough they will lend equipment or hands on assistance when needed.  There is no need to smack talk about other vendors in the industry - its disrespectful and lacking of taste. 

3.  Tight lipped about who they worked with in the past

In this business it's all about references and any vendor worth your time should have reviews. Whether they are available on their website, on a wedding web site like Wedding Wire or the Knot, or they are able to show an album of some of their quality work along you should be able to ask for and review former references.  Not just referenced from former guests but references and praises from venue coordinators, other entertainers and wedding vendors, wedding planners and caterers.   See what they have to say about your vendor, because if they can't work with him or like to do so, then there may be a valid reason as to the why.

4.  Discount pricing via an onine coupon source

The old adage, "you get what you pay for" is so true when it comes to your event vendors.  If this is a once in a lifetime event then why scrimp to save a few dollars on your entertainment, food, photography, etc.  There are many coupon sources out there selling discounted photo booth rentals, but read the small print, see what's included and not included, and check references.  I have heard horror stories of those brides who have purchased a "coupon deal" online, only to find the company closed up shop prior to the bride's wedding.  Afterall, those deals are quick money in hand for these vendors and they may not be around several months later to make good on their promise to fulfull the contract.

5.  Did I mention price and being the cheapest is not always the best ? 

Well it bears mentioning again as I know the industry and hear from booth owners often about how this bride selected another booth because they were cheaper.  Do you want a cheap ring or a reasonably priced ring?  Do you want a honeymoon to remember or one you would rather forget?  Same goes with your photo booth rentals and other wedding entertainment providers. And what's not to say, the vendor bumps you for a higher paying client - it can and does happen, so try and avoid the coupons or make sure you do plenty of detective work.

6.  Registered to do Business and Insured for your venue

Check the Secretary of State to see if they are registered to do business in your state.  If they are not, be weary of their references and time in business.  Anybody can claim this and that, but if they are registered with the state and have been for a number of years, better expectations that a) they know what they are doing, b) have all the proper credentials, insurance, and references to back them up, and c) less chance of them folding or not showing up for your big day.

If you are using a venue, they will want to see a copy of proof that they are properly insured otherwise, they may not be able to work at your venue.  Make sure you ask about their insurance and explain the venue's requiring of it to do the gig.

7.  CASH only or writing a personal check to pay for services

CASH may be King but not in the case of securing your entertainment and photo booth services.  Be weary when they only accept cash for payment or want you to write them a check to them personally instead of a business name.  If they are established, they should have a company bank account, right?

So, in the end do your homework, check out a few different vendors and compare their service offerings, the extras they are throwing in for free vs. extra charges, and check their references.  There are alot of great booth owners out there that focus on quality, customer service and have a great product and attitude as well and with a little time and effort on your part, you will them. 

Happy Hunting !!!



Planning a wedding is no easy feat and choosing your entertainment can be overwhelming.  If you are thinking about offering a photo booth as an entertainment element for your guests - 1st an excellent choice, 2nd do you know what to ask a booth owner when interviewing them for handling the GIG of the YEAR, namely your wedding.  No ?  Maybe we can give you some suggestions.

1.  You have to ask them about the equipment they use.

The camera is key - without a quality camera the pictures will not fare well for your event.  Ask them what they will be using at your event.  Second to the camera, but not by much, is the printer.  An ink jet or dot matrix is not going to cut it.  You need to ask them about their printer and you want to hear they use a Sub Dye printer of some sort.  They are high quality and prints strips or pictures very quickly.

2.  Ok, they have the right equipment - but what about if they carry back up equipment ?

Having the right equipment is important but what happens when something doesn't work on your BIG day ? Ask them if they carry back up equipment and supplies, bulbs, laptops, printers, ink, flash, camera, etc.  If you are interviewing a photographer or DJ, same advice carried - equipment is important as is making sure they have some back up equipment on hand.

3.  They most likely offer some package deals so make sure you know what is included in the package deal you are interested in.  Here are some items to look for or ask for:  

  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • # of strips printed per session
  • Album or memory book (if they don't offer one - WE DO)
  • digital flash drive or CDROM with all the images taken
  • prop kits - what do they offer
  • frames or magnets for guest favors (again if they don't offer them - WE DO)

4.  If something goes awry, are they insured? 

The venue you choose will definitely want to know the answer to this question.  If they are not properly insured, they may not be able to work at your venue.  So, ask them if they carry insurance. 

5.  And most importantly, will we and our guests have FUN ?

A given, not necessarily, ask for references, or read their testimonials on their site, or on WeddingWire or the Knot.  Hear what others had to say about their experience.  If the reviews are questionable move on to the next booth rental.

This may seem like common sense, but just like any profession, there are some really talented companies out there and there are crooks and criminals.  Be leary of pricing and don't just make a decision on price alone.  Cheap gets you cheap quality and possible no shows (yes this happens - that's why you need to read # 5 again and check referrals and testimonials). 

Happy Hunting out there !


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