I am sure you have come across that prospect that tells you they thing you are charging too much.  Or, "So and So photo booth is doing this for x dollars, if you can match it, I will book with you", then they add, "and I know people and will refer them to you". 

What can you say to that?  Do you turn away a sale or potential multiple sales if you take her at what she is telling you. 

The truth is, sometimes when a customer blurts out comments about high prices, its their polite way of trying to exit the situation without telling you something else. It could be their way of not dealing with confrontational situations or perhaps they think your product or service is more inferior than a competitors' offering. 

Here's a thought, maybe they are just finding out

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New Products on the Site

We just received some new products to add to our photo booth arsenal: 

  • Red and White 50 page Leather Dry Mount Albums
  • 2x8 Acrylic L frames
  • 2x8 Magnetic Strip Frames
  • Uniball Metallic Gel Pens - Silver and Gold

So if you have an event with a RED or WHITE color


We have heard some stories of engagement proposals happening behind the curtain of photo booths.  So, if that is you, share your story with us on our Facebook page - 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop and pictures always make a great story even better? 

Proposing in a photo booth - you have

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Photo Booths are popping up at some interesting places these days.  Not just private events or weddings but at schools.  Doesn't matter if its a high school dance or elementary school end of school year party - photo booths are adding an element of fun for the students no matter what

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