As the host/hostess who booked the photo booth for the event it is your responsiblity to ensure that your guests follow a few simple rules.  Some of these rules may be common courtesy and some may be listed in the contract.  The rules are there because the booth owner learned from prior experience most likely and told themselves, they will not allow that to happen again.  They are there because photo booth owners are small businesses trying to protect their investment and they have seen alot of things go wrong in the past.  Overall photo booths are fun - but keep some of these things in mind.

1.  Make sure you give the photo booth operator enough space to operate effectively and efficiently.  Photo booths typically include a table for their

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Photo Booths - typically associated with happy times, weddings, parties, mitzvahs, etc.

But is there something else we can do with our photo booths - maybe something scary, something haunted ?  After all a simple venue can convert its space to be a scene out of the latest zombie crazed

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You have seen the ads from the Groupon, Living Social or any other online coupon source out there advertising photo booths for dirt cheap.  I have seen how it makes the veterans and pretty much anybody who owns a photo booth seeth with anger and detest.  But what about the other side of

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Everywhere you look you are seeing the Photo Booth.  John's wedding, your best friend's son's birthday party, your niece's mitzvah and the one thought that comes across your mind - that looks easy, I can do that.

Not so fast.  Before you drop $6-10k on the necessary equipment and

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