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Can you recall the first word you said when you were a baby - probably not - but what about your own child's?  Probably was NO - maybe forceful even.  Said it without concern of hurting feelings or what the other party thought of us.  But fast forward to the here and now and as business owners we are very reluctant to utter that simple word.  Why is that? 

Sales of course.  We don't want to lose a sale so we will bend over backwards, jump through hoops and say sure we can do that even at our expense. I have seen many discussions of photo booth operators saying yes to charitable organizations in offering a DEEP discount or FREE booth at a festival, fundraiser, etc in hopes we will get some leads that will turn into future sales.  Or what about the

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We were contacted by an advertising/promotions company, Warehouse Twenty One  in Cheyenne, Wyoming, who wanted a special favor to commemorate their client's event.  

They selected the Acrylic Block frame which is a 2x6 block of acrylic with 4 strong magnets at the corners

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We have seen the news lately of savvy computer hackers breaking down encryption software and stealing valuable data off of big retailers' computer networks.  Oh but those are big companies with valuable data, no one will try that with our small business.  WRONG. 

First, let me

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NETWORKING.  Some of you love it, some of you hate it.  But what if I shared a way for nearly everyone at the next networking event to come over and seek you out for a change?  Did that get your interest?  

Whether its a "meet-up", a chamber of commerce, or some

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