Madonna had a hit song with Vogue and the words "strike a pose" was talking about working the runway but here is how you can Strike A Pose in your photo booth.

1.  Work It, Own it - borrowing a line from Kit DeLuca from Pretty Woman, yeah you do need to work it. Everyone has their better side, or features they want to showcase over others.  Maybe you have the long eye lashes, or those cute dimples, or that Cindy Crawford like birthmark.  Make sure the photo booth camera picks up on these.  And for the B side or features you wish to not draw attention to, turn away from the camera so you shine even more.

2.  Lean and side angle shots work best - models know this simple trick - lean into the camera for a leaner look or at least the camera captures the illusion of a leaner you.  Turn to the side with your shoulders so you give the camera your best angle. 

3.  Smile - the obvious advice, have fun and smile.  Weather its the pouty lip smile, the sexy seductive smile, or the I am having the best time of my life smile.  A smile always makes someone more attractive in pictures. 

These simple tips can help you shine in a photo booth. 

Being an entrepreneur calls for many hats and typically more than an 8-5 40 hr week, am I right?  Most of us work a "day job" and operate a photo booth on weekends and evenings and somewhere in there we respond to inquiries, attend conventions and bridal expos. 

If you have a family thrown in there it can be chaotic to say the least. So here are some tips to help keep it all balanced. 

1.  Time management - make sure to utilize some kind of calendar whether its an application in your smart phone, or a Dayplanner, or even a calendar on the wall at home for all to see.  Color code family outings, events from your business meetings, gigs, etc.  For most business owners, they can allocate weekends as family time, but we all know THURS - SUN is primetime for our photo booth earning potential.  

2.  the 411 - some of you may have your spouse and other family members involved in the business (great tax write-off opportunities for another topic).  But for those controlling types who handle everything including the finances, keep your spouse in the loop on the health of the business.  You are partners in life so don't let financial stresses of your business invade your happy home.  As long as things are communicated from early out, surprises are alleviated and stress can be worked out.

3. Compartmentalize -  when we are with family and doing family things, put the business aside, turn off the phone (I know, this is a tough one for me too) and focus on your family.  After all, aren't they the reason you do this.  If its that important, have another trusted employee or business partner cover phones and email while you spend time with your family and do the same for them. 

4.  Show Them You Care - that phone thing, maybe you have to answer it, but tell them you are busy and ask if you can call them back in 30 or 60 minutes.  Try to reach out to your significant other on a daily basis - send a text picture of flowers or bring some real ones, call them say hello, ask about their day.  Schedule a date night once a week and schedule a play date with your kids.  Try and eat dinner together at the table for a change.

If we don't take a step back and realize that success being the ultimate goal is great but if we have noone to celebrate that success with then it can be a very empty existence.  I hope these words of guidance can help some of the business owners I work with and sometimes I too have to follow these same tips.


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dollar signsVegas sign TAX SAVINGS

Wanna get away - we have heard those commercials before but we are small business owners and can't get away like most of corporate America. 

But some of you may not realize that being a small business owner brings certain perks like tax deductions for traveling for business.  So by carefully aligning your vacation with a photo booth or bridal expo or industry technology convention you may have a tax deduction where you can mix some fun into your business trip.  Some tips and guidelines follow:

Business then Play

You can deduct your travel expenses if your trip's primary purpose is business related.  So tally up what days are business appointments, meetings, and throw in days of travel then you know what you have to spend on leisure.  For example, if flying to Vegas for a Wedding Expo on Mon and flying back following Monday; that is 2 days plus wrap around a weekend and you have 4 days.  Just make sure you conduct or have a business function for more days than your leisure time and you can have grounds for a tax deduction on your travel expenses.

Best way for this to work is to schedule appointments in advance with your prospects or clients.  If attending an expo, already done for you.  The IRS only needs for you to show that you scheduled this prior for business purposes, so book that convention first or that sales meeting before adding to your trip for leisure. 

What can you deduct if you've gotten this far ?

  • Transportation costs like airfare, train, cabs and airport parking
  • Business days as described above - you can deduct 100% of your hotel stays, car rentals and gratuities 
  • Can deduct 50% of any food costs on those business days
  • Don't forget about those incidental fees like dry cleaning your suit at the hotel or those pesky baggage fees from the airlines, or that internet access fee at the hotel
  • Sorry, can't deduct travel fees for family traveling with you (unless they are part of the business - owner, employee).  Nope your 2 yr old is not considered a mascot for your company. 

For more details and information on travel deductions - look to IRS Pub 463 for more do's and don'ts. 

Documentation and Receipts always KEY

Expenses under $75 do not need to have receipt retained but details of purchase are still needed. Keep all receipts for travel and lodging for deductions taken.  As always, to stay in the good graces of the IRS, make your intentions clear, deduct what you have documetation to back up on the returns. 

If any further questions on this matter, seek a qualified CPA in your community who can guide you in this and many other useful information for your small business.

So you don't necessarily have to be operating your photo booth on the road to qualify for some tax breaks but make sure your trip is primarily business and reward yourself by taking some time off for you to recharge your batteries. 









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