Being an entrepreneur calls for many hats and typically more than an 8-5 40 hr week, am I right?  Most of us work a "day job" and operate a photo booth on weekends and evenings and somewhere in there we respond to inquiries, attend conventions and bridal expos. 

If you have a family thrown in there it can be chaotic to say the least. So here are some tips to help keep it all balanced. 

1.  Time management - make sure to utilize some kind of calendar whether its an application in your smart phone, or a Dayplanner, or even a calendar on the wall at home for all to see.  Color code family outings, events from your business meetings, gigs, etc.  For most business owners, they can allocate weekends as family time, but we all know THURS - SUN is primetime

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dollar signsVegas sign TAX SAVINGS

Wanna get away - we have heard those commercials before but we are small business owners and can't get away like most of corporate America. 

But some of you may not realize that being a small business owner brings certain perks like tax deductions for traveling for

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Can you recall the first word you said when you were a baby - probably not - but what about your own child's?  Probably was NO - maybe forceful even.  Said it without concern of hurting feelings or what the other party thought of us.  But fast forward to the here and now and as

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