One thing our company tries to do is listen to our customers' wish list for new products that help them with their business.  Whether it's something less expensive, less cumbersome, saves time, more appealing, etc.  One such product that we kept hearing requests for was a new album that reduces the mess, expense and fuss of using adhesives like glue sticks and tape rollers.  We heard you and after a year of designing, developing and testing, we debuted a new that offers the solutions you asked for.  

First debuted at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas this past April, our latest addition to our album line is the Black Leather 40 page Slip-In Album that can hold a maximum 160 2x6 strips per album with room enough to write/message above the plastic sleeves containing the photo strips.  Also, this album also features our popular design element, a 2x6 strip on the front cover, the signature attribute to the Photo Life line of albums.  With a regal black leather finish, bamboo spine and black acid-free archival paper this album will not only wow your customers but also save you in the long run.  

With less expenses associated with glue sticks and other adhesives as well as less costs of messes on the pages with such adhesives and the possibility of reduced labor costs involved with these new albums, you end up saving all around.  Yes, we have heard from some of our customers who point out with the ease of slipping in the photo strips, they are able to handle an event without an additional booth attendant working the photo booth/memory book table.  You may be saying, "yeah, ok, that might be stretching it or that's just marketing mumbo jumbo".  Well don't just take my word, here is what some of our customers have said about the new album:  

Chelsea Dixon Stutsman from Pixel Box Photo Booth in Omaha, NE

     "With this album a quick slip in of their picture and not taking 5 minutes to tape them in and have them in order and not all over the place - I don't really even need to man the scrapbook table now, which also means I don't have to hire an assistant - Win win!". She went on to add, " this is simple, clean and made easier for photo booth guests - even after a couple of cocktails.  Since using this new slip in album, she has commented that she didn't bring a booth attendant for the album as it was only a little more moving around for her at first but they [the guests] got it the minute I told them what to do."  That extra attendant savings alone will pay for a case of albums in one event.  

William LaMarre from Zoom Foto Booth in West New York:

"Our brides just love these new albums." 


Here are some pictures shared with us from our current customers utilizing this new album in their photo booth operations:

 ZoomFotoBoothWNY slip in use 1  Pixel Box Photo Booth slip in album1

From early sales indicators and the feedback we have received from current customers who are switching to this new line or new customers who found us on Google or other means, this new Slip-In Album will remain in our stock as we continue to meet the needs of our customers, both photo booth owners and the customers that rent from them.   





The Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas 4/13-4/15

Our 1st but not our last !!!

1 Stop Photo Booth Shop - booth and table

What an experience for our company and all those in attendance.  Kudos to the show organizer Rob Savickis who planned the event in just a few months and is already making strides in planning the 2016 Expo ( The show featured key players from the industry who shared their wealth of knowledge and experience to audience members from newbies just starting out to veterans looking for that something new or profound to add to their business acumen.  Photo booth operators from all over the US and the globe attended this show in Las Vegas and they were not disappointed.  Conversations with many guests in attendance confirmed that they were pleased with the first exclusively photo booth trade show and look forward to future years expanding on this foundation. 

Expo Seminar is full

We were able to visit many of our customers while making new ones at the show and since then we have had several new inquiries and sales.  It was a pleasure breaking bread (or sushi) and sharing in stories from different photo booth owners from all over the world.  Sitting there listening to the tales of mishaps, and dealings with difficult customers, as well as memorable moments, celebrity visitations and more gave me a rare glimpse into the other side of the biz.  The side of the photobooth business that we as suppliers do not partake or experience.  

Overall, I found the expo to be more like a family or high school union of sorts.  Although we only knew each other from sharing gossip, or discussion threads on the Facebook groups, it was like we have known each other for alot longer.  There were some that were the "in Crowd" or "royalty" and others were like professors always passing along their wisdom to those new to the game. 

The show displayed the latest technological advances in equipment, tools, and resources available to the industry. Slo mo booths, underwater photo booths, digital graffiti walls, new looks, new toys.  And certainly not enough time on the floor. As for our first time out, not too shabby with the sales but more so the new contacts, ideas and plans for the future.  

Along with the "new", we too debuted a new album design, our 40 page Slip In Album with 2x6 sleeves on each page for maximum 160 strips per album.  This no mess, no fuss album eliminates the need for adhesives, glue sticks, and wasted time and efficiency and eliminates the misplaced photo that takes up the entire page.  This album is now available and has gotten rave reviews and comments from those at the Expo and those that have already purchased and received these new albums.  One of our customers, Chelsea Dixon Stutsman of Pixel Box Photo Booth, described the new album design this way, "With this album a quick slip in of their picture and not taking 5 minutes to tape them in and have them in order and not all over the place - I don't really even need to man the scrapbook table now, which also means I don't have to hire an assistant - Win win!". She went on to add, " this is simple, clean and dummied down for photo booth guests after a couple cocktails".  We will definitely be keeping this album in our arsenal for years to come.  

Additionally, we previewed a design to some select expo guests to get their opinion on our Post Bound album.  From the initial interest and comments we received, we will be sure to get this into production as soon as possible and expect to have this album out by end of this year. 

My wife and I look forward to the Expo next year and more stories to tell.  


The start of the year and we have been getting quite the number of inquiries.  Recently one of our photo booth customers contacted us to see if we had 1000 black glass 2x6 photo strip frames available. She explained she was in negotiations with a high school to provide her photo booth at their Senior prom and she showed them our selection of photo strip frames.  They loved the black glass 2x6 strip frame which can only be found through us in the United States.

We confirmed we had the inventory available and she got the sale with the school.  So KUDOS to our photo booth partner Tia Reed at Props Photo Booth in the Jacksonville, FL market.

She purchased our Sampler package so she had the frames to show her potential clients and she got the sale.  Contact us or visit our shop to purchase a sampler package for your business.  Add extra revenue to your booth rental by simply presenting our quality designed photo strip frames. Ideal for weddings, mitzvahs, sweet 16's, and corporate events and now we can add High School proms and school dances to the mix. 

With 8 different photo strip frames to choose from in acrylic, black glass and silver aluminum, you are bound to wow over some of your potential customers with our ideal compliment to your booth rental.  Contact us for IN THE BIZ wholesale pricing available to our photo booth partners.  And how about that repeat business ?  If you are the only booth in town who knows of our selection of frames, that's something the others may not have in their arsenal.

Any more high schools out there that need a designer frame favor for their Senior prom? 

Next on your list of things to do - book a photo booth for that wedding, party, or corporate event. But what do they mean when they say "Open" or "Closed" photo booth ?

We are here to break it all down for you. 

First, the typical visual someone gets when they say a closed booth or traditional booth is this:

closed arcade this is more of an arcade style or you can do a curtained closed booth like this,

closed booth 1


It offers privacy whether its a structured booth or a curtain around the edges - the closed photo booth, is just that closed off from the public.  Generally, most closed photo booths can fit 3-5 guests comfortably.  

Next, we have an open booth - think red carpet, step and repeat backdrop where your guests will stand in front of backdrops like these:

open air booth or  open air 2

The "open" booth is open to the public and allows for more people to be in the picture.  Open air photo booths are perfect for any event and offers something different than the traditional booth.  Generally, an open air booth is just the backdrop and the camera/printer and a table of props, scrapbooking table (optional) and that's it.  Back drops can even utilize "green screen" technology (for a future blog article), meaning pretty much whatever you want it to be, or solids, sparkly finishes or anything in between and generally open booths can be placed anywhere because they take up less space.

In most cases, the choice is up to the customer or based on what's available for your event date but price generally should be about the same or some may differ by a $100-200. 

Pricing is dictated by the number of hours for your rental, type of photos you want (2x6 strips vs. 4x6 images), and other extras like photo booth strip frames, memory book photo albums and an attendant to help with putting that album together for you.

We hope this article helped you determine the key differences between a "closed" and "open" photo booth offering.  In some cases, a photo booth vendor may have one but it can be converted to handle either open or closed photo booth offerings.




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