A great article written by the Garage Staff on 12/7/17 showing the importance of photographs in a Digital Age.....good to know our business is still holding strong for the next generation.


And for those that are looking for a quality photograph albums for your collectible moments in print, take a gander at our website for a selection of albums featuring archival quality acid-free paper in various styles, page counts, and more.  Look for our exclusive "slip-in albums" for your 2x6 photobooth photo strips.


Sorry it's been awhile since our last informative blog article but with prepping for and attending the photo booth expo last month we have been swamped.  The one item we have sold a ton of from the show and still rolling with weekly custom product runs is our Custom Branded table covers.  

Brings me to a question - how do you brand your business?  You are in attendance at a bridal show or running a photo booth at a wedding or corporate activation but what sets you apart from the competition ? How will the guests know your name or call on you in the future for their event?  

You are already using table covers for your props, your printer, your photo album assembly - why not have your logo, you brand, your name on that table cover?

We produce 4ft and 6ft table covers (need a different size, let us know) with a variety of fabric colors, font choices, and of course your logo prominent on the cover.  With a custom cover, you are the designer - consider colors, fonts, placement, logos, phrases, etc. Here are just a few of our custom table covers we have done over the past few months.


Click It Up Table Cover 2

Post Prod Pic

Cover Front

Treblemaker Entertainment White Table Scrim

Contact us today if you need with designing.  Or order on our our site and email us the graphics which has be to VECTOR image in CMYK color coding usually in an ai or eps file format.  Need help with graphics we have someone that can assist with your logo. Shipping time is 12-15 days turnaround time. 


It's January 2016 and for the next few months most of us will be attending and exhibiting at bridal shows all over this great land.  Whether they are ready to book now, in a few months, or looking for 2017 now is the time to make your first impression on these future brides.  So what can you do as a photo booth owner to put your best foot forward, to woo these brides-to-be, and secure their wedding as their source of entertainment. 

1.  Book a double booth at these shows (or larger if your budget can wing it). Go big or go home as they say and what better way to draw attention but to have a large space to showcase, your photo booth(s), your prop selection, printer, and other promotional materials.  Product placement you have the space - use it.  Split off the different booths you have on display and arrange for a table of props in the center. 

2.  Use a selection of photos from prior events displayed in a variety of templates to give them ideas for their wedding.  Even better option ?  Use a display of photo booth strip frames to showcase your work, your templates, and an upsell option with the frames.  Funny thing, 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop has a Frames Sampler package for only $34.99 and comes with all 8 of the frames we sell.  A great display of your quality work for your booth. 

Mix of frames and inserts

3.  Display a variety of cool props including wedding signs, symbols, and wedding icons.  Give them the feel of how their wedding will go with the props you will use at their wedding.  Like these:


4.  Branding is very important with several photo booth vendors in play so S T A N D  O U T !!!  1 Stop Photo Booth Shop can help with this as well.  We have a variety of both stock and custom table covers and TV/Monitor custom stands with your logo, your company name.  Use these for playback of your photo sessions, or run a loop showing previous events and show them how much fun you can bring to their wedding. Add a tablet to the stand for instant email capture and stay in touch.  Follow up is key in most cases. 

Foto Station Live TV Stand Front post production pic Darling Wedding Productions Table Cover


5.  On your branded table cover - you have photo strip frames on display showing the templates you offer....or put an even larger variety of templates on display in the quality album you offer up as part of their wedding package. A quality album for keepsaking all those photo strips is an ideal way to distinguish your booth from others at the show.  Sure there are $10 albums out there, but it's their wedding and chances are they aren't going to want to skimp on a long lasting momento of the fun they had with their guests on their special day. Most brides choose our 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop album's over other offerings when displayed side by side. And with our new slip-in 40 pg album with quality leather finish, bamboo spine, and archaic black pages it's easy peasey, no mess, no fuss album production in less time.  

Slip in Album pixelbox photo booth slip in album filled example 1



So there you have it.  5 Tips for making a big impression and writing up some new business at the next bridal show.  For some, bridal shows are a big key to their annual sales while others refuse to do bridal shows.  If you are planning to exhibit at a bridal show we hope these tips will help you smile all the way to the bank.

Happy Bridal Show Season !!!




Dec 31

It's December and the year is wrapping up.  Maybe you are still swamped and handling some more events right up to NYE or maybe you decide to shut it down for the last 2 wks of the year to spend time with family or traveling.  Whatever the case, there are some things you should consider doing or keeping track of before that 12/31 rolls around. 

1.  Know your Financials

Do you know your financial results for the year?  Are you making a profit this year?  You should know this before year end so you can take advantage of tax planning strategies to help offset your income and increase your tax deductible expenses.  

If you have been swamped and can justify the need for another photo booth or printer, now is a great time to buy.  With Section 179 you can elect to treat the cost of any section 179 property as an expense which is not chargeable to your capital account.  Any cost so treated shall be allowed as a deduction for the taxable year in which the section 179 property is placed in service.  Also consider purchasing supplies like albums, back drops, media, and you can also prepay some of your expenses like your building rent, your cell phone bill, storage space rental, etc.  

2.  Prepare your tax documents

Too early - ask your accountant.  It's never too early to get yourself organized.  If you have the time, catch up your bookkeeping and have your documents ready to roll - trust me your accountant will love you for this.  Now, if you are looking at paying taxes and not getting a refund (probably most of us, right ?), then you may not want to file till the last possible minute -so keep an eye on 3/15 or 4/15 or you may want to file an extension but make sure you have paid in your estimated tax payments so you don't get hit with additional tax penalties and fees. 

3.  Thank those that helped you have a GREAT year

Its a great time to have your own outing with your staff, to thank them for all their hard work.  Perhaps you have some sort of profit sharing bonus or some other incentive compensation to give to your team - this is a great time to do so.  But don't forget the others that helped your business succeed.  Consider the personnel you work with at your favorite venues, the other DJ's or photographers that refer you out to their clients, your key vendor and suppliers that always come through in a jam for you.  Did you know you are allowed to give up to $25 per customer or vendor as a business gift and that its a tax deductible expense for your business?  Need my address - just kidding. 

 4.  Plan for Next Year 

How many of you have a business plan?  Do you check it regularly to see how your progress is doing against your plan?  Business owners should have a business plan and should be able to use the prior year results to determine a budget for the new year.  Businesses should review this plan at least once per year if not more and gauge their financial reporting against their budgeted results.  How else would you know if you are having a break out year?  "Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan." (Norman Vincent Peale)

5. Rest, Relax, Take Time Away 

Finally, this is a great time to step away from the business and spend time with the reason you push all year long - your family.  Detaching oneself from the business is tough (trust me I know) but is also a necessary endeavor.  "No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned." (Jean Paul). And I am sure that you earned it.   Great time to recharge the batteries for January 1st is quick on your heels and it starts all over again. 

With that being said, my wife Kay and I would like to wish all of our customers, vendors, and friends a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. 


Gary and Kay McGee





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