1 Stop Photo Booth Shop continues to grow its available product selection for our customers in 2015.  

A few months ago, we partnered up with Prop Signs to sell their props along side our own prop bundles and other products.  In 2016, we hope to align with other prop suppliers and offer an even bigger assortment of photo booth props.  If you are a props manufacturer and would like to discuss future partnering opportunities, contact us.  

All signs in one shot  band-bundle  Halloween masks bundle

That same partnership led to offering branded and stock spandex table covers for your prop tables, your album tables, your DJ station, or other uses at events or bridal shows.  Instead of a plain table covering at your next event you can have a form fitting spandex top with "Grab a Prop & Strike a Pose" in black, white, or white with black top in 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft sizes.  Or be even bolder and design your own cover with your own colors, brand, logo, wording, and other features for slightly more. 

Black 6ft Table scrim White w Black Top 6ft Table cover White your logo here

Then we expanded into another branded promotional item for your monitors and social media tablet stands with your logo, brand, images, etc. Consider the various stands for your next bridal show or event where you can show a looping video of some of your photos or a video highlight of your events or an instant playback of current photo shoots in the booth.  

Yes, we continue to expand with only quality products that serve a purpose for our audience, you the photo booth owners.  We know there are alot of items in the photo booth industry that we don't carry - YET, but our goal is to be the 1 Stop Photo Booth Supply for all your needs and we will get there with your help.  

So consider 2016 a BRAND new year for you to stand out and step out of the cookie cutter operations that are out there.  We have heard the tales of the fly by night companies, offering cheap services, cheap materials and lesser quality than you may offer.  Here is a another opportunity for you to stand out and over the competition in your market. 

As the 2015 year draws to an end, we want to thank you for making 2015 a tremendous year of growth both in sales and in new customers and we expect 2016 to be an even bigger year for us and the industry as a whole.  With the new Photo Booth Magazine debuting in January (look for our ad in the magazine) and the 2nd annual Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas in April 2016 (need a discount - use "1STOP" at check out and save on your expo tickets) this industry is showing a steady growth for years to come. 

Happy Holiday and a Happy BRAND New Year !!!


Kay and Gary McGee


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