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One thing our company tries to do is listen to our customers' wish list for new products that help them with their business.  Whether it's something less expensive, less cumbersome, saves time, more appealing, etc.  One such product that we kept hearing requests for was a new album that reduces the mess, expense and fuss of using adhesives like glue sticks and tape rollers.  We heard you and after a year of designing, developing and testing, we debuted a new that offers the solutions you asked for.  

First debuted at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas this past April, our latest addition to our album line is the Black Leather 40 page Slip-In Album that can hold a maximum 160 2x6 strips per album with room enough to write/message above the plastic sleeves containing the photo strips.  Also, this album also features our popular design element, a 2x6 strip on the front cover, the signature attribute to the Photo Life line of albums.  With a regal black leather finish, bamboo spine and black acid-free archival paper this album will not only wow your customers but also save you in the long run.  

With less expenses associated with glue sticks and other adhesives as well as less costs of messes on the pages with such adhesives and the possibility of reduced labor costs involved with these new albums, you end up saving all around.  Yes, we have heard from some of our customers who point out with the ease of slipping in the photo strips, they are able to handle an event without an additional booth attendant working the photo booth/memory book table.  You may be saying, "yeah, ok, that might be stretching it or that's just marketing mumbo jumbo".  Well don't just take my word, here is what some of our customers have said about the new album:  

Chelsea Dixon Stutsman from Pixel Box Photo Booth in Omaha, NE

     "With this album a quick slip in of their picture and not taking 5 minutes to tape them in and have them in order and not all over the place - I don't really even need to man the scrapbook table now, which also means I don't have to hire an assistant - Win win!". She went on to add, " this is simple, clean and made easier for photo booth guests - even after a couple of cocktails.  Since using this new slip in album, she has commented that she didn't bring a booth attendant for the album as it was only a little more moving around for her at first but they [the guests] got it the minute I told them what to do."  That extra attendant savings alone will pay for a case of albums in one event.  

William LaMarre from Zoom Foto Booth in West New York:

"Our brides just love these new albums." 


Here are some pictures shared with us from our current customers utilizing this new album in their photo booth operations:

 ZoomFotoBoothWNY slip in use 1  Pixel Box Photo Booth slip in album1

From early sales indicators and the feedback we have received from current customers who are switching to this new line or new customers who found us on Google or other means, this new Slip-In Album will remain in our stock as we continue to meet the needs of our customers, both photo booth owners and the customers that rent from them.