Next on your list of things to do - book a photo booth for that wedding, party, or corporate event. But what do they mean when they say "Open" or "Closed" photo booth ?

We are here to break it all down for you. 

First, the typical visual someone gets when they say a closed booth or traditional booth is this:

closed arcade this is more of an arcade style or you can do a curtained closed booth like this,

closed booth 1


It offers privacy whether its a structured booth or a curtain around the edges - the closed photo booth, is just that closed off from the public.  Generally, most closed photo booths can fit 3-5 guests comfortably.  

Next, we have an open booth - think red carpet, step and repeat backdrop where your guests will stand in front of backdrops like these:

open air booth or  open air 2

The "open" booth is open to the public and allows for more people to be in the picture.  Open air photo booths are perfect for any event and offers something different than the traditional booth.  Generally, an open air booth is just the backdrop and the camera/printer and a table of props, scrapbooking table (optional) and that's it.  Back drops can even utilize "green screen" technology (for a future blog article), meaning pretty much whatever you want it to be, or solids, sparkly finishes or anything in between and generally open booths can be placed anywhere because they take up less space.

In most cases, the choice is up to the customer or based on what's available for your event date but price generally should be about the same or some may differ by a $100-200. 

Pricing is dictated by the number of hours for your rental, type of photos you want (2x6 strips vs. 4x6 images), and other extras like photo booth strip frames, memory book photo albums and an attendant to help with putting that album together for you.

We hope this article helped you determine the key differences between a "closed" and "open" photo booth offering.  In some cases, a photo booth vendor may have one but it can be converted to handle either open or closed photo booth offerings.




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